FLARES 2.0 Demonstrates High DA Power Margin

Anthony Lakes Ski Resort, Oregon

Flight test data indicates that Hood Tech’s Flying Launch and Recovery System (FLARES 2.0) multicopter used only 58% throttle at 9600ft density altitude.

“FLARES achieves robustness by using generously-sized components, and redundancy” states Hood Tech President, Dr. Andy von Flotow, “UAVs that carry their VTOL-stuff for the entire mission invariably skimp on VTOL component sizing, sacrificing redundancy, power margin and high/hot capability.”

In February 2019 FLARES was upgraded to FLARES 2.0.  To date, FLARES 2.0 configuration has a perfect record through 50 flights.

FLARES 2.0 is now ready to provide VTOL to any fixed-wing aircraft up to 100 pounds at sea level, and up to 85 pounds at 8,000 ft DA.


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