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The AC-9 EO2, HoodTech's second generation telescopic EO payload, is housed in a small, lightweight, low power solution.  Drawing only half the power of the nearest competitor, the AC-9 EO2 frees up the power and weight you need to add multi-INT capability to your platform.  HoodTech offers a complete solution to your payload needs with in house engineering and production.  Your problem is our inspiration to provide exceptional solutions for your imaging needs. 


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  • Weight2810 g (3300 g with nose enclosure)
  • Dimensions34 cm length x 24 cm Ø cylinder
  • Gimbal SequenceRoll-over-tilt
  • Tilt80° forward; 45° back
  • Pan360° (endless)
  • Slew Rate50°/sec
  • Performance @ 1Hz & 2Hz59 dB and 56 dB attenuation
  • Power Supply Range11-36 VDC, 26 w Continuous, 30 w Peak
  • CommunicationSerial, 57,600 bps, AltiCam Command Set
  • CapabilityEO Telescope; EO imager


  • Wavelength0.4 - 0.65 µm (EO Telescope)
  • Horizontal Field of View0.24° - 1.2°
  • Zoom5X (Averaging 12 MP Sensor Pixels into 640 x 480 Frame)
  • Pixels4200 x 2800 (12 MP)
  • Video OutputAnalog: NTSC (640x480) Digital: 1280 x 720 Pixel H.264 with encapsulated KLV metadata Frame rate: 5 fps to 30 fps. Selectable to 640 x 480 Pixel Frame