HOOD FEDERAL is the leading provider of field-proven,

stabilized imaging systems that enable the capture of real-time intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance data.

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Orbital makes first flights in Australia

Orbital Corporation has flight tested its propulsion systems in conjunction with customer Insitu Pacific, a wholly owned subsidiary of Boeing. 11 November 2019 • image: https://yaffa-cdn.s3.amazonaws.com/yaffadsp/images/dmImage/StandardImage/insitu2.png

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FLARES 2.0 Demonstrates VTOL Operations in a Forest Clearing

Hood Tech’s next generation Flying Launch and Recovery System (FLARES 2.0) this month demonstrated flight operations from a 200 foot forest clearing, surrounded by 60-140 foot trees. A fixed-wing UAV was launched into flight and recovered from flight, both operations occurring above the tree-tops. For immediate release Tillamook Unmanned Test Range,...

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