Hood Federal AC-14

Ideal for small UAS requiring exceptional electro-optical video that uses lower power.

  • Day and Night Imaging

  • Laser Pointing and Rangefinding

  • Pan-Over Tilt

  • 9,900 grams

  • 32.3 cm


Hood Federal Collimator

The collimator allows the user to verify and adjust the co-boresight of a payload’s imagers, telescopes, and lasers.


Altiview Software

An easy-to-use interface to control any of the Hood Federal stabilized camera systems.

  • Gimbal Control

  • Mapping

  • Record Playback

  • Windows OS


Hood Federal 11EOIR5

Ideal for small UAS requiring exceptional EO/IR video in a payload that uses lower power.

  • Day/Night Imaging

  • Laser Pointer

  • Laser Designator

  • Pan-Over Tilt

  • 25.4 cm

  • 5,600 grams


06EOIR1-LD        12MP EO/MWIR with

                             Laser Designator

06EOIR2-LD        25MP EO/MWIR  with Laser Designator

06LWIR-T             LWIR only targeting payload